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NC Pre-K Lead Teacher Education Qualifications for Non-Public School Programs


NC Pre-K Contractors, Program Contacts, and Site Administrators are advised to use the NC Pre-K Lead Teacher Education Qualifications Chart below as an initial guidance tool in determining eligibility for prospective and returning NC Pre-K Lead Teachers in non-public sites. NC Pre-K Contractors should use this chart prior to teacher placement in the NC Pre-K Plan database.


Option 1




Teacher currently holds an active or expired Professional Educator’s License


    If the prospective applicant holds one of the following:


  • NC Continuing License
  • NC Continuing BK or Pre-K/K Add-on License
  • NC Continuing Provisional BK or Pre-K/K Add-on*
  • NC Initial License
  • NC Initial BK or Pre-K/K Add-on License
  • NC Initial Provisional BK or Pre-K/K Add-on License*
  • NC Lateral Entry BK License*
  • NC Residency BK License*
  • NC Emergency License*
  • Out-of-State License
  • International License


Teacher may be eligible

Option 2


Teacher does not hold a Professional Educator’s License


       If the prospective applicant holds the following:

  • BA/BS Degree
  • 2.7 Cumulative GPA
  • 24 Semester Hours coursework in content licensure area as determined by the Educator Preparation Program (EPP)
  • Enrolled in EPP


Teacher may be eligible for licensure



* Educators must complete coursework at a rate of 6 semester hours per year with a grade C or higher on each course or have met all educational requirements. Please contact your BK Licensure Specialist to determine if requirements have been met by the educator for the specific license. The educator may not be eligible as an NC Pre-K Lead Teacher.







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