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Workforce Education Unit

Contact Information

Contact for questions about...

Heather Marler, Manager
Workforce Education Unit
(919) 814-6352
[email protected]

  • Unit Oversight: Workforce Education Unit Policy, Requirements, Evaluations and qualification information for licensed nonpublic and public early childhood education (child care) programs.

Claudette Grooms, Education Evaluator
Workforce Education Unit
(919) 814-6349
[email protected]

  • Evaluation Assistance
  • Educational assessments of post-secondary education completed by the child care workforce through determination of countable semester credit hours/degrees based on course content/descriptions
  • Determination of educational qualifications for requested child care position(s) as specified by DCDEE/Section/Unit law, rule, policy and procedures.
  • Issuance of status letters/certificates/return letters

Nicole Norton, Education Evaluator
Workforce Education Unit
(919) 814-6353
[email protected]

Catherin LaGattuta, Education Evaluator
Workforce Education Unit
(919) 814-6351
[email protected]

Brittney Freeman, Education Evaluator
Workforce Education Unit
(919) 814-6347
[email protected]

Valerie Royal, Support Staff Supervisor
Workforce Education Unit
(919) 814-6354
[email protected]

  • Provides supervision for the Education Processing Assistants

Shaquanna Henderson, Processing Assistant
Workforce Education Unit
(919) 814-6367
[email protected]

  • Initial data entry
  • Data Entry
  • Expedites
  • EEC Documentation
  • Bonus Reports
  • DCDEE WORKS Customer Service / Technical Support
  • DCDEE WORKS Registration verification / processing

Christopher McCray, DCDEE WORKS Technical Assistant
Workforce Education Unit
(919) 814-6346
[email protected]




2201 Mail Service Center | Raleigh, NC 27699-2200
919-814-6300 | 1-800-859-0829 (In State Only)
[email protected]


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