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Choosing Quality Care Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact for help in locating child care in my county?

Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) agencies may have information about child care available in your county. Local CCR&R agencies provide supports to families searching for quality child care.  Click here to search for resources in your county.  You can also review information about child care centers and family child care homes in your area by using the Division's Facility Search Site. Neighbors, co-workers and other family members can also provide valuable information about child care in the community.

Should I select a family child care home or a child care center?

The type of program that you select should be the one that fits you and your child's individual needs. You know your child's personality best. If he or she is most comfortable in a small setting, then a family child care home may work best for him or her. What is most important is that after visiting and observing in the program, it feels like a good fit for your family.

There are lots of child care facilities in my area. How can I determine which programs offer the best care?

Parents can use the Division's Facility Search Site to find information about the standards a child care facility meets. Licensed child care facilities have ratings of one through five stars. One star means the facility meets minimum licensing requirements. A two-five star rating means the facility has voluntarily met higher program standards and staff education levels. Parents can see exactly how the facility scored in each of these areas. The site also provides information about visits made to the centers and homes as well as any administrative actions the Division of Child Development and Early Education has taken against the facility. Parents can also request additional information via email provided on the Division's Facility Search Site.

What does it mean when a child care program is nationally accredited?  

An accredited child care program has met standards of quality set forth by an accrediting agency. There are several national accrediting organizations for child care programs. Getting accredited is voluntary and usually involves an intensive self-assessment as well as an outside observation. The accreditation process does not impact a program’s star rated license. Click on the link noted below for information on accrediting agencies that are commonly used in North Carolina.




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