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Care for Children Receiving Subsidy

About The Subsidized Child Care Program

North Carolina operates a statewide child care assistance program for low-income and other eligible families. This program helps families afford child care by sharing the cost of care. Most parents must pay a fee, depending on the size of their family and their income. More than 100,000 children in North Carolina benefit from this program each year.

Providing Care for Children Receiving Subsidy

1. Get in touch with your County Child Care Contact to find out information about enrolling in the Subsidized Child Care Program. Carefully consider the information to be sure that your program is comfortable with the Subsidized Child Care Program requirements. If not, then you are not obligated to complete the enrollment process.


2. Fill out and return the Application for Enrollment To Be A Provider of Subsidized Child Care form to begin the enrollment process. The purpose of this process is to verify that you are operating legally and to collect rate information so that you can be approved to receive payment. You should follow up with your County Child Care Contact regarding the status of your enrollment application. The application form and other subsidy forms are available in the County Documents Download section of this website

Access and review the new county market rates for Family Child Care Homes and Child Care Centersfor 1-5 star licensed programs.


3. If approved, the Division of Child Development will create an Approval Notice for your program that will include the same information that is printed on your program's License or Notice of Compliance and some additional information taken from the enrollment application. County departments of social services and other local purchasing agencies use the Approval Notice as verification of your participation in the Subsidized Child Care Program. You cannot be reimbursed for services provided until an Approval Notice has been created. For your records, you may request a copy of the Approval Notice from your County Child Care Contact.




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