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Application Process

Applying for the First Time

If this is your first time applying for child care subsidy, please be advised that you must be the parent or legal guardian of the child receiving subsidy benefits. The information provided below will help you with the application process.

If you meet the eligibility criteria provided in the "Do I Qualify" section of the website, you are ready to begin the process of applying for child care subsidy.

  • Contact your County Child Care Contact who will either assist you with the process or provide you with the name and location of the responsible agency in your county
  • The agency will inform you whether you need to schedule an appointment or simply stop by to apply for services. The agency can also inform you of the documentation that you need to bring to determine eligibility.
  • During your visit, the agency will assess your family size and financial situation to determine eligibility.
  • The agency has thirty (30) calendar days from the date the application is signed to determine eligibility. Typically, the eligibility assessment results will be provided to you during your visit, assuming that all needed documentation is provided. If additional documentation is needed, a timeframe for returning the information will be established. Once the documentation is returned, the eligibility assessment can be completed.
  • If you are eligible for subsidized child care services, the agency issues a Child Care Voucher to you for each eligible child. The voucher indicates that the child is eligible for a subsidized child care payment and notifies the provider of the hours care is needed and the portion of the fee that you are responsible to pay.

How Do I Continue to Receive Subsidy Benefits?
Eligibility determination is valid for twelve (12) months for child care services, provided the family remains eligible.

  1. Throughout the year, the parent must report to a child care social worker in the agency any change in their circumstances that may affect eligibility within five (5) working days of the change.
  2. Examples of changes in family situation or employment that must be reported include:
    • Marriage, separation, or divorce
    • Change in family size
    • Change of job or work shift or in the number of hours or days employed
    • Increase or decrease in income from employment, child support, or any other source
    • Loss of employment, including leave of absence or temporary layoff
    • Change in school enrollment or attendance
    • Child receiving services moves out of the home or
    • Change of address

      ‚ÄčIf you are not sure about whether to report a particular change, then you should contact your child care social worker for clarification.
  3. In order for an individual to continue to receive subsidized child care services, eligibility must be redetermined at least every twelve (12) months.



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