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  • Information about the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has been moved to a new, separate area. Information provided by DCDEE related to COVID-19 and child care providers, settings and health precautions can now be found on the Coronavirus Information for Child Care page.



March 16 2020 Updated Coronavirus Information

In these unprecedented times, we know you are worried about providing a healthy workplace for yourself and your staff and safe, reliable care for the children you serve. We also know you may need to make difficult choices about whether to stay open or whether to temporarily close, and we know you do not make this decision lightly.

We are working daily to ensure you have the information you need to keep yourself and your families healthy—both your own and the families for which you provide care. 

This is the first of many communications, we want to start with health guidance first. We also want to provide you with access to trusted resources you can connect with if you have additional questions. 

We hope you’ll partner with us by:

Connecting with consultants

Your child care consultant will be checking in with you by phone on a consistent basis to answer questions and provide support.

A child care health consultant is also available to answer any questions. The attached spreadsheet lists the child care health consultant assigned to your county. 

Thank you for supporting our state and its families by providing vital care and services. 


CCHC Directory 2020-3-16

Interim Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Guidance for Child Care Settings




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919-814-6300 | 1-800-859-0829 (In State Only)

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